As quality is at the core of our business, the requirement for inhouse testing is a must.
The QA division of Hudson Brothers is centered in the onsite testing laboratory at Phillipstown. It is a state of the art facility equipped to deliver comprehensive testing of Aggregates and Concrete. The concrete is maintained to EN206 standards, batched using a world recognised computerised batching system,
and is third party certified through the NSAI.
Aggregates are maintained to EN13242.
The laboratory is equipped with some of the most modern equipment available to ensure the quality of product meets the requirements of our clients. Concrete and Aggregate testing is carried out on a daily basis to ensure compliance with EN 206:2002 for concrete, NRA specifications and EN12343 for Hydraulically Bound Materials and other standards.
In house production of computer software modelling for the development of grading and data tracking ensures a consistent guarantee of quality.
Hudson Brothers Ltd. Concrete has been developed through the EN standards since production began. At the conception of the business it was decided that quality would be the cornerstone of the project. Testing began immediately before going to the market, satisfied with the outcome we turned our attention straight away to third party certification from the NSAI. A variation of different concrete types have been developed to accomodate our clients requirements including Pump mixes, Water Proofing mixes, Accelerated Setting and Early Strength mixes all of which can include the use of GGBS (Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag). All the time that we were developing and increasing our market share, quality assurance has been maintained by expansion of the QA department.
Hudsons are in the enviable position of being able to supply all of the aggregate requirements for the production of our high quality concrete from our own quarrying facility in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. This predominantly Limestone based naturally occuring pebble and sand material is extracted graded and washed to provide the ideal concrete aggregate.

The Concrete staff employed by Hudson Brothers Ltd., are well recognised and respected operatives who have a rich background in the industry and they have brought with them the best methods, experience and efficient work practises to be found in the Concrete Industry.
Hudson's also maintain our own fleet of Mixer Bottle trucks.